Banking Industry has been pivotal to the economic development of India. Over the years, the industry has taken a huge leap to keep up with the changing technologies and lifestyle. Jobs in this sector have always been lucrative and the most sought after, by aspirants across the country. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say that banking sector is one of the biggest recruiters in India. With the advent of Fin-Tech, the industry is seeing rapid disruptive change which would in turn, fuel a greater demand for a skilled workforce, presenting unique yet challenging opportunities to the current generation to shine and showcase their talents.

Is Banking the right choice for you?

We don’t want to sound like your next door neighbour who always has a suggestion for your career. So, we spoke to aspirants to understand why they prefer a banking job and here’s what we found in terms of the preferences:

33% Reasonable salary and benefits

27% Job stability and security

25% High career growth potential

15% Reputation of job in society

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