Even Santa comes with a Claus(e)

So much changes as we grow up. So many new beliefs formed, and so many existing ones shattered. One such thing is the existence of Santa Claus. Now we know that our once-beloved Santa doesn't exist in real life. That's terrible to accept, isn't it? Whether we got the gifts or not, we as kids loved to believe we would get them this time by the magic of Santa Claus. And that hope kept us going. But what should we do as grown-ups? No Santa now, so no gifts, is it?

No! It is important to believe that life is still full of magic. You just need to believe in it, and hold on to your hopes. Nothing Good in Life Comes Easy, and even Santa has a Claus(e) attached. And the clause says that you would need to be your own Santa beyond a certain age. The way kids believe in Santa, you would need to believe in your dreams, and work hard to realize them, and earn your gifts. Because you deserve the gifts as much as the kids do. So let's not dare violate the clause and offend our always-beloved Santa. Merry Christmas 😊