Fighting Coronavirus like a pro

Nowadays we are getting some common queries everyday. So thought would list them and address them one by one so that in our small way we are able to help you in these trying times. But before even I start listing your queries, let me address to all our students, who might be working in Banks or are working in any agency which is associated with essential services – LOADS & LOADS of Appreciation for you people. When all others are sitting at home YOU are working- Thanks guys and gals! I can today say with pride that Meritshine students serviced our motherland when she needed most. We would always be indebted to you and we are very proud of you guys. For you guys there is only one message – Just take some time out (if possible) for your studies. Now on to the queries of students who are locked in LOCKDOWN:-

1. Will the notification(s) come, if yes-When?

2. How to keep myself motivated in these dark times?

3. How to study in these challenging times?

Response to 1st:- YES notifications would surely come , but no one knows when. But know this, the economy is not going to be in a healthy condition after all this. As private sector would be in dire condition, when notifications come there is every chance that there are more applicants. So your competition can increase substantially.

Response to 2nd:- Why were you motivated at the first place? To get a job in Public Sector bank or in Government sector? To be financially capable and secure? To make your parents and yourself proud?- Isn’t it ? - So has Corona changed that? NO- Right? Then why would your motivation falter. Add to that the fact that competition is going to increase. So isn’t that the reason to get doubly motivated? I know we are emotional beings and dark tidings everywhere affect us. But here is when you have to let your head win over your heart. This is time when your logic and clarity of thought would help you. It’s difficult – No doubt. But it’s possible and it’s the only way out. Also chase your indoor hobbies, read some good books, spend quality time with your family, help family members in daily chores, watch some comedy series/movies, - Will bring in some light-hearted moments.

Response to 3rd:- Make a schedule for studies. As if you are working in an office and this time is slotted for office- Just like that. Don’t keep the whole day for studies. Keeping the whole day for studies and not studying normally means the same thing. Just keep 6-8 hours. Remember now is the time that would test you how sincere you are for your dreams. Let me tell you more than 50% of aspirants would pause their preparation, thinking they would take it up when things are normal, but my experience with students tell me that this pause would be a full stop, at least for this year, for their dreams. And the rest – They would use this as an opportunity to advance their preparation- So If you want to be in the 2nd category then SIT EVERYDAY & STUDY REGULARLY.

And last but not the least TAKE CARE of YOUR HEALTH - Exercise regularly, take care of your diet (as much as you can), meditate if possible.

Let’s stay strong and come out of these trying times stronger, closer, better than ever.