The insurance industry is central to the economic development of India and is as longstanding as the banking industry. Since its inception, it has seen a lot of changes – the most important being its business expansion which opened the sector to private enterprises and facilitated the partnership between Indian and foreign establishments. Jobs in this sector are as popular as Government and Banking jobs, offering highly competitive salaries. With the opening up of the sector, thanks to a bustling online market, greater awareness about insurance products and the realization that protecting self and one's family against dire situations is a critical life need, the industry is at the cusp of rapid growth in the coming years.

Is insurance the right choice for you?

While we are reasonably qualified to counsel you about various career choices, we wanted to go beyond our words and give you some data points about the Insurance industry. So, we spoke to aspirants to understand why they prefer an insurance job and here’s what we found in terms of the preferences:

38% Job security and stability

25% Work-life balance

24% Reasonable salary and benefits

13% High career growth potential

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