Is YOUR Goal important to YOU?

Many of you have been reaching out to us on how to overcome challenges that are hampering your preparation. Some of you had the courage to ask publicly in the group through posts/comments while others have chosen to be more discreet, requesting over individual mails/messages.

Brace yourselves!

This might sound a bit harsh but if it acts as good medicine for you, we are happy to be harsh and help our beloved students.

One of our new members, started a thread a few days back.
The member highlighted the following :
There is family pressure.
Quite keen to get into banking.
This was the member's 1st and probably, last attempt!
And yet, he/she was not able to put any effort owing to work pressure.

All of this boils down to how SERIOUS you are.

There are so many of our students (whom we are proud of) who have achieved success being in far worse situations as compared to where you find yourself in. There have been numerous success stories, instances of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, fighting back like a wounded tiger, rising like a phoenix from the ashes or even climbing out of an abyss to reach the peak! Not saying this to make you feel bad, each person has their own issues and your issues might also seem insurmountable but realise one thing, there are bigger challenges that have been overcome in the past and there will be even bigger hurdles that will be overcome in the coming months and years, by relentless students in pursuit of excellence.

Bringing in my own example, I took my 10th CBSE boards by going to the exam centre from a distant relative's place as my sibling had contracted Chicken pox (contagious), just at the time of the exams. I was completely unaccustomed to the new surrounding but topping the school was the only thing that was on my mind. So, I slogged endlessly and by the grace of the Almighty, I was in the top 50 students in Delhi. During 12th boards, I had to go to the exam centre from the hospital as my mother was admitted there. But I continued my efforts, studying at the hospital. As luck would have it, I emerged victorious again, being the topper of my school. When I was preparing hard for CAT, I faced a setback and ended up with a fractured leg, just 20 days prior to the exam. I wrote CAT and other B-School entrance exams with a cast (plaster). Every interview I attended that year was with a walking stick (similar to the one used by Sanjay Dutt in Saajan) as I couldn't walk properly at that time. But I managed to get admission to all the colleges where I was interviewed. I am not boasting, that's not my nature. I am telling you these things to make you understand the reason behind the achievements despite being surrounded by negativity. When the supreme power gives you problems, s/he also gives you the strength to fight them and emerge victorious. You just have to continue believing in yourself and keep working hard towards your target as if the problem doesn't exist. That's what helped me.

Pull yourself together. Decide what you want to do in life. Once decided, just get down to WORK towards that GOAL as if NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. That is the ONLY way you can ace these exams. Any half-hearted approach wont work because you have a lot to do, you are far behind so many of your competitors if you are starting now or just started or derailed your preparation due to lack of motivation owing to Corona and its impact on our lives.

If this post doesn't motivate you then watch this video. If this video also doesn't motivate you then you are wasting your time preparing for exams. You should do other things in life.

But if this post and/or video motivates you even a little bit then please stop wasting your time thinking about your problems, just get down to putting in those hard yards, consistent hours every day to crack the exams. We will be happy to help you in this arduous journey. But remember this, Even GOD can help ONLY those WHO HELP THEMSELVES.

It is YOUR battle, YOU have to fight your Inner demons, we can give correct guidance and strategies to succeed, point you in the right direction and motivate you but it is YOU who has to push through the problems and reach for the skies!

We've given you references of our students, be it paid or free, as to how they managed to crack the exams and what strategies they adopted.
Success Stories

Worst case scenario, despite best efforts, even if you don't make it this year, the preparation that you put in over the next 6 months, would improve you so much that any challenge in life, going forward, would appear minuscule. Your mind will be alert and sharp, improved knowledge would mean, you would have better conversations both on the personal and professional front and you will have a well-rounded personality! And goes without saying, the huge amount of confidence you would've gained by enhancing your skills in English.

I, once again, reiterate, If you are CLEAR that THIS IS YOUR GOAL in life, Don't waste any further time, Get Cracking and FORCE your way past your problems like a JUGGERNAUT.

All the Best! May the force be with YOU!

PS: The author of this post couldn't utter a single complete sentence in English till college 1st year. He was laughed at, in one of his initial GDs wherein he couldn't speak properly and the moderator called him a traffic constable for just signalling and not speaking. If the author of this post can fight such ridicule and emerge stronger, so can You!