One of the most important indicators of a nation's progress is its economic development and organisations are the agents who bring about this economic development by producing and delivering/rendering goods and services in the country. In the process of doing so, they create employment, foster growth and opportunities. To be able to efficiently function, organisations need able management professionals who can take the onus of scaling the organisation to greater heights. Companies can hire a management professional laterally from another organisation or they can train and promote their own staff for managerial roles or they can go via the campus placements route. Arguably, the most popular method of recruiting management professionals is to hire MBA (Master of Business Administration) graduates from B-Schools (Business Schools), who come in with a strong grounding in how businesses are run and are able to contribute effectively to organizational growth by picking up the nuances fairly quickly.

Every year, lakhs of graduates apply to various B-schools of the country and according to data from AIMA, around 360,000 MBA students graduate from 4,000 B-schools in India annually. Needless to say, the job demand is high which is able to easily absorb this regular supply of B-School graduates each year.

Despite the COVID Pandemic, this year has seen a good number of registrations for CAT with around 2.3 lac aspirants having registered as compared to around 2.4 lac last year in 2019.

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Is management the right choice for you?

Being Management graduates ourselves, we are ideally suited to guide you on this front but we felt the need to reach out to the market and let the data talk to you. So, we spoke to aspirants to understand why they prefer this route and here’s what we found in terms of preferences:

40% Good salary and benefits

23% High career growth potential

19% International exposure

18% Dynamic work culture

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