General Awareness


What Happened Yesterday (WHY)

Having a strong grip on General Knowledge is inevitable in this age of tough, unpredictable exams. While there is nothing better than being an avid reader and following the news every day, we’ve come up with a quizzing tool to help you stay abreast of the most relevant current affairs, in a fun way. All you need to do is sign up for free and build your general knowledge without getting killed with boredom and monotony. Don’t worry, we will not put you in the spot. The quiz begins with a list of hot topics of the day and once you’ve read them, you can take the quiz.

General Awareness (GAinful)

Do you find it difficult to track all the news notifications hitting your inbox? Do you tend to miss out on important current affairs that are not viral on social media? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We publish free weekly PDFs to help the aspirants stay abreast of current affairs.

Tip: Try to attempt the questions first to test your awareness and then take a look at the answers given in the PDF to assess your knowledge.


How to use the two resources WHY and GAinful?

WHY is a DAILY General Awareness builder structured as a Content-followed-by-Quiz format thereby giving you access to knowledge and testing you on it.

GAinful, on the other hand, is a WEEKLY General Awareness module, which gives you access to critical news snippets that have happened through the week.

Both these resources have been designed to help you significantly boost your General Awareness, which is quintessential for success in competitive examinations while also helping you improve your overall personality. You will feel more confident in your interactions as you will have a lot more information at your disposal.

Both these resources should be used in conjunction. You should go through the daily WHYs followed by the weekly GAinfuls to derive the maximum benefit out of both these resources. Happy reading and quizzing!



Focus Reading Comprehension (FoRCe)

This is a quiz-based intervention designed to give you small practice exercises daily, which will not take much of your time, but will ensure that you are regular and disciplined - the key to master Reading Comprehension. So, if you have not been doing this till now, now is the time to get going.

To ensure quality and relevance, the passages would be screened after deliberation from previous years' papers of a large number of competitive exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, JMET, SNAP, SBI-PO, IBPS-PO, UPSC-CSAT etc. Also, to add to the learning process, each passage would be categorized according to the difficulty level and the topic.

Imagine solving actual exam level passages from the most competitive exams of the country as daily practice. It can transform you to become not only an amazing reader but also a good scorer in English Language section.


Fun Vocabulary Enhancer (FiVEr )

Mugging up the scary word lists is tedious and boring. Also, many of those words in the lists are obsolete and no longer used in contemporary English. Instead, one can build her/his vocabulary much more effectively by following good reading habits. Spend five minutes on this course daily and learn five relevant words every day by understanding their contextual usage in a simple, quiz based, no-frills interface. The vocabulary empowerment will be an unparalleled feeling for you.

Other static GK courses are designed to help you learn important facts of different subjects. Start taking the quiz now on