“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” – William Butler Yeats

We don’t consider teaching as our profession; it is our passion. Our passion guides the design of our programs in a way that our students experience more than just tutorials to qualify an exam. Our programs are created with the purpose of equipping our students with life skills and preparing them for challenges at all stages of their career.

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Free Programs

We don’t see anything bigger than a student’s passion to learn. We make sure that affordability doesn’t come in the way of ambitious students and try our best to ensure that everyone gets an equal opportunity to learn.

In the past few years, we have created a knowledge pool of all the basic concepts and we continue to offer them for free on our YouTube channel. Meritshine's YouTube channel hosts a complete content package of more than 400 videos, suitable for the aspirants of Bank PO, SSC CGL, RBI Grade B, CAT, etc. We also run many courses for free that can be accessed from prep.meritshine.com. All of it is high quality content and does not even contain any advertisements. If it sounds too good to be true, do try it out yourself.

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I want to explore the free tutorials first.


Paid Programs

We offer paid programs for exams like RBI Grade B, SBI PO, IBPS PO and SSC CGL. The paid programs give comprehensive and elaborate coverage across all topics and sections as per the syllabus mentioned in the respective exam notifications. The emphasis is on helping the student develop stronger cognitive skills rather than relying on rote learning. Depending on the type of exam, the sessions are Conceptual/Theoretical/Practice driven/Analyses of Tests, be it Mocks/Practice Exams/Past Year Papers.

We continually keep thinking about adding more value to our offerings. We will add the kind of questions that have been asked recently, their variations, and also the problems that we expect can be asked in the exam going forward. The idea is to give students more exposure to new and unseen problems, develop their thinking and problem-solving abilities, and equip them with the ability to handle anything that the exam may throw at them.

Every time we launch a new paid program we make sure that it is undoubtedly Meritshine's most comprehensive preparatory program until that point. Read more about our programs below.

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I am ready. Take me to prep.meritshine.com

Why does one need a paid program if Meritshine offers so much for free?

We have put loads of good, relevant, structured content on our YouTube channel for everybody to use. Study from it, follow the advice, practise hard, and you should do well. There genuinely are some people who are in poor financial health and cannot afford any kind of paid programs, and they are the reason we haven't ever thought of withdrawing any of our free programs. However, if you understand the way we teach, and are willing to put in the extra effort, and managing the program fee is not too much of an issue, the paid programs are definitely going to take you a few levels above from the current position.

Moreover, all the competitive exams in India see cut-throat competition. So there is no end to how much more you can do, unless of course you are AIR-1 already. You should try to get as much as you can; every mark counts. The paid programs build further upon the knowledge that you may have acquired from our YouTube lessons. We cover a much larger variety of problems in the paid programs. All these sessions are designed to augment your understanding of the subjects tested in the exam, in line with the latest exam pattern, and include all kinds of questions that have been asked in the exam and their reasonable possible variations, thereby significantly improving your preparation levels.

However, just attending these sessions won't do the job. You'll have to be ready to:

start thinking, and transition from the conventional formula-based approach to the problem-solving approach

work very hard to get benefitted optimally i.e. 5-6 hours on your own for every 1 hour of classes



What we offer

Technologically advanced pedagogical techniques

Systematically designed insightful learning modules

The most relevant, tailor-made, high-quality content

Pre-recorded classes for self-paced conceptual learning

Live sessions for real-time faculty interaction

What we do not offer

Trailers and marketing sessions

Rote learning methods

A bag full of random tricks

Boring classroom monologues

Unrealistic/false promises