Exam: RBI Grade B (DR) - General (Phase-II)

Topics/Subjects to be covered: The complete syllabus of Paper-I: Economic and Social Issues, Paper II: English (Writing Skills) and Paper-III: Finance and Management

Start date: Sunday, February 16, 2020

Program validity: September 30, 2020*

Medium of instruction: English

Program fee: ₹ 10,000 (Adding GST @18%, the payable amount becomes ₹ 11,800)

* In case RBI Grade B 2020 (Phase II) exam is scheduled after September 30, we will plan an extension accordingly

Methodology: We will try to cover the static concepts and fundamentals of subjects in pre-recorded sessions so that you can watch them at your own pace. Also, we will give you lots of material to read, to supplement your learning from the sessions. You are expected to treat each pre-recorded session like a teacher-driven class and watch it on the day of the release itself. It will be similar to a live class, and you will be expected to complete it in one sitting while following the instructions of the mentor. The live sessions will be dedicated to doubt resolution and other stuff that we think may require interaction.

Study material: You will get access to video classes, live sessions, recordings of live classes, and a closed community for general/academic discussions, queries, resolution of doubts and other academic activities such as quizzes and writing assessments. We will give you the complete study material for Phase-II exam which would be in the form of pre-recorded video lectures, live sessions and PDF lessons. Also, you will get 10 mock tests each for ESI (Economic and Social Issues) and F&M (Finance and Management).

Teachers: Meritshine never compromises on the quality of teaching and content. All the faculty members are management graduates who possess deep knowledge of the subjects tested in the exam. They are vastly experienced in the field of management studies and highly passionate about mentoring. A brief about the teachers is given below.

  • Abhishek Gupta: MBA from Panjab University (specialized in International Business). Extremely passionate about teaching and content development, and has been working in the field of education for the last 14 years.
  • Samir Kumar: MBA from IIM Lucknow (specialized in Economics and Marketing). So fond of mentoring that he left a plush job in Europe to follow his heart. Has now been teaching full-time for the last 5 years.
  • Ratnabha Saha: MBA from Panjab University (specialized in Marketing and Finance). Loves reading, writing and teaching. Has been working in the education industry for over 12 years.
  • R Ravi Kumar: MBA from IIM Lucknow (specialized in Finance and Marketing) & CPHRM (XLRI). Despite having worked in different top corporates, he has always been able to find time for teaching. He has been engaging in Faculty assignments for over 10 years and is now an integral part of the Meritshine team.

Best-in-Class Faculty: Highly qualified and vastly experienced faculty members who work relentlessly to create the best possible content for your preparation.

Superior Pedagogy: Technologically advanced pedagogical techniques structured on 'Adult Learning Principles'

Systematically designed learning modules: An optimal mix of pre-recorded classes, live sessions, PDF lessons and practice tests, synchronously designed to augment understanding and deliver maximum value to the students, in line with RBI's testing mechanism.

Value for your time: The most relevant, tailor-made, high-quality content to save you the hassle of referring to multiple resources for your preparation.

Testing & Revision: Regular tests/quizzes to keep you on your toes all the time and revision sessions to cement your learning before the big exam.

Interaction with mentors: Through a closed community and live interactive sessions, to guide you in the best possible manner, helping you fine-tune your preparation and remain motivated.

Eligibility: Only those students are eligible for this exam who have scored 60% marks in their 10th, 12th and graduation. So please make sure you are eligible before enrolling.

Familiarity: Only those students are expected to enrol for the program, who are familiar with Meritshine's pedagogy and style of delivery. Please do not enrol if you aren't comfortable with our style of teaching, or have got any kind of doubts or apprehensions regarding the quality, coverage, or any other matter.

Computer and Internet: You need to have a very good, stable internet connection to attend the live classes. Also, a desktop/laptop is the preferred mode to attend the live sessions, though you can do so on a mobile device as well. However, for watching the pre-recorded video classes and recordings of live sessions, there's not much difference in terms of user experience on a desktop/laptop and a mobile device, and it depends on the preference of a user only. Also, for watching the pre-recorded video classes and the recordings of live sessions, a slightly inferior internet connection may also do the job for you. For this, you will need to download the videos on a mobile device (Android 4.4 and above) first, and then watch them. It can give you a seamless experience despite not having a great internet connection.

Live classes: We will conduct live sessions over the 'GoToWebinar' platform. The time will be 9.00pm for all the live sessions. It will work on both laptop/desktop and mobile devices. Owing to the interactive nature of the live sessions, the experience is generally found to be a little better on computers.

Recorded sessions: You will be able to watch the recordings of live sessions, if you miss a particular session or you want to repeat some part of it. You will be given access to a portal where all the pre-recorded classes, PDF Lessons (wherever required) and live sessions' recordings will be available till September 30, 2020. You may also watch a video multiple times, if needed. However, if a login ID is found to be used on multiple devices and/or multiple locations regularly, or videos are found to be played for an inordinate amount of time, it will be considered a suspicious activity and your account may be suspended because of it.

Downloading of videos: You will be able to download the pre-recorded classes, PDF lessons and recordings of live sessions onto your mobile device for offline use. However, this will be possible only through an Android app (we will share the details of this app after enrolment) which will work in a similar manner as say Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video do. You can download the videos but you will not be able to extract them out of the device. Needless to say, the downloaded sessions will stop working once the program validity expires. The good part about this feature is that you will not be required to go online every time you want to watch even a small section of a session again. It will also save your internet data, and will be particularly useful for those students who don't have a great internet connection. This app will be available only for Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and above. Those students who intend to use only a computer to watch the videos, will need to connect to the internet every time they want to watch them.

Please click on the LINK here and pay the program fee. Please bear the following things in mind:

  1. Please make the payment only if you are 100% sure you want to pursue the course and possess the necessary infrastructure to run it smoothly. It will be impossible for us to refund the fee.
  2. You will need to make a login ID on the portal before buying the course.
  3. Please put your Name, Mobile number, e-mail ID and complete Postal Address, wherever asked, very carefully. Do not use fake details to enrol. You may be asked to furnish supporting documents at any stage during the course of this program.
  4. Do not share the login credentials of this portal with anybody. All the activity here is traced by us. This is the portal where you will get the links for all the live sessions, and you will be able to watch the pre-recorded classes and recordings of live sessions.
  5. You will get an automated payment confirmation e-mail, once you complete the payment successfully. It means that your admission is confirmed and you don't need to do anything after that. You will get another e-mail from us within the next 24 hours, that will contain further instructions. Also, please add info@meritshine.com into your address books to prevent our e-mail from going into the junk/spam/marketing folder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone who has prepared for any Bank PO exam in the past or is now preparing for SBI PO 2020 needs nothing else to prepare for Phase-I. 80/200 marks are allocated to General Awareness, which we do on our free platforms anyway, and the rest 120 to the same subjects you study for any Bank PO exam. So Phase-I should not trouble those of you who have already prepared for Bank PO exams. Though you cannot afford to take it lightly, if you have already prepared Quant, Reasoning and English for other exams, you should be fine. You would just need a revision of the subjects tested in Phase-I and it should be enough, given the qualifying nature of Phase-I. General Awareness, which carries 80 out of 200 marks, would be a crucial component of your Phase-I prep, for which we release regular PDFs and do revision sessions on our YouTube channel when the exam approaches.

Those who are planning to appear for exams like SBI PO alongside, should ideally join our SBI PO 2020 program separately, alongwith enrolling for RBI Grade B Phase (II). That will also be more than adequate for their RBI Grade B Phase-I preparation as well. Kindly Note that the SBI PO Course Validity will be as per the SBI PO timelines and not RBI timelines.

You need to decide this for yourself. It depends on how hard you are willing to push yourself. RBI Grade B is a far superior job, and so it seems to make a lot more sense for you. However, if we talk practically, the chances of cracking RBI Grade B for even a good student are relatively low (because of very few vacancies), and so you should not take SBI PO 2020 out of the picture completely. Start working for RBI Grade B, and keep working for SBI PO (it will help you for Phase-I of RBI Grade B as well). You should be able to focus solely on RBI Grade B once the SBI PO process is over. If the schedule of exams remains similar to last year, you should ideally have enough time for RBI Grade B even after SBI PO mains.

Through a closed community, much like the "Meritshine Study Group" on Facebook, but much better managed and controlled since the number of students will be much smaller. Though we always try to respond to every single student on any of our platforms, please don't enrol if you expect "individual doubt solving sessions" from the faculty. It will not be a practical expectation. In fact, it is just a buzzword generally used for selling classroom programs. Nothing works better than collective wisdom, if the people are smart, like-minded and focused. Moreover, most of the doubts are common. So, if you are regular and sincere, you would realize that most of the things you wanted to ask are getting answered automatically. In fact, you get to learn a lot of other interesting and useful things as well, by going through other students' queries and their responses. When a few good people interact, they learn from each other and are generally able to find solutions to even the most complicated problems. Whenever needed, we will also be available for contributing to the discussions and helping you with your questions. No queries go unanswered on the platform unless they are irrelevant or repeated. Our past students can vouch for that. If there is something that we feel requires more attention, we will take it up during the sessions. All the students are expected to visit this closed community page regularly and participate. There will be no spam or useless talk over there. It'll have just what you need - relevant academic stuff.

Yes, it is very important. While our course, in itself, is very powerful in terms of content and pedagogy as compared to other ordinary video courses, this group is one of the reasons why this program brings a lot more value. Apart from what we have mentioned above, there are some activities which are just not possible to do individually. For example, we conduct quizzes on the FB group to ensure you are keeping abreast of the current affairs, and for the revision of important parts of the syllabus like schemes, reports and other concept-oriented questions. Also, we generally open a thread to give feedback to interested students on the quality of their writing. We can do it individually as well for a few students but then it won't benefit everyone. So, we do it on the group. Even if one chooses not to put his/her piece for evaluation, one can still learn by looking at what others have written and the feedback they have received. That's the utility of a good community. For anybody who feels facebook may prove to be a distraction, we advise creating a separate ID just for this program. Do not add any friends to it, do not browse, just use this group through that ID. And you will soon realize how powerful a tool FB can be. You just need to learn to use it optimally for your preparation. Just as it has worked for thousands of students earlier, it will work for you as well.

No, you don't need to buy anything else for the preparation of Phase-II exam. We will give you all what you need to study in the form of pre-recorded video lectures, live sessions and PDF lessons.

Yes, you will be able to understand everything and do well. A management background or prior subject knowledge isn't really required to be able to do well in this exam. So that's not really an issue. The only requirement would be to find time to study, lots of time. This exam will need that, since the syllabus is very vast. We will try our best to give you only the relevant stuff to study, but even that will take time to go through and revise. So, if you are prepared to slog, put in good effort, you will be fine, don't worry.

Tough to comment; nobody knows that at this stage. The exam date varies a lot. Looking at the trend for the last few years, the minimum time left for the exam should be around 5-6 months from now. It can go as high as 9-10 months as well.

Yes, you can, nothing is impossible. But it will be extremely tough to manage, you will need near superhuman abilities to crack the exam if you start that late. The syllabus for this exam is very vast. You generally get just a little more than two months to prepare after the release of notification. So any serious candidate targeting RBI Grade B should start preparing at the earliest, if not started already.

It is very tough to quantify the time needed, but you will need to be very sincere and focused. That's of paramount importance. You will also need to be regular. The number of hours of preparation one needs to crack the exam will vary from one individual to another, but the more you work towards it, the better your chances become. It is a highly coveted job. You don't just need to be good, you need to be better than your competitors. It is definitely manageable along with a job. Be prepared to make a few sacrifices if you have to, in order to stay committed to your preparation. The results will be really worth the efforts you put in.

You will get the schedule for upcoming two weeks, and we will keep updating it. It will have the release dates of all the pre-recorded classes as well as the dates of live sessions.

It will vary. We will start with 2-3 sessions per week, and will change the frequency as and when required. It will also depend on the date of the exam as announced by RBI.

It's a little tricky to answer. We are not planning to dump a lot of irrelevant material on you (copied from random sources) at once to make the program look content-heavy. You need to understand that this exam is a lot different from many others in the sense that a large part of the syllabus is dynamic in nature. We will finish the static parts first, around a couple of months before the exam, and then continue doing the dynamic parts till the exam happens, along with revision sessions. The challenge for us, would never be the scarcity of study material, but to give you the most relevant (yet comprehensive) lessons in an organized, easy-to-learn, easy-to-retain format. The challenge for you, would never be the dearth of content, but to keep the motivation levels up, and find enough time to study for the next few months.

Sessions can be conducted both on weekdays and weekends. The students will come to know about the exact schedule for the next two weeks in advance so that they can plan accordingly. The time for both pre-recorded and live sessions will be 09:00 pm, irrespective of the day of the week.

No, they will look and sound much better since they will be recorded for this purpose only.

Yes, it can be done by accessing a portal (for which you will get login credentials post enrolment). You will be able to watch the recording of any particular live session, a day after the session has been conducted.

There is no limit as such to the number of times you can watch them. If required, you can do it multiple times, as long as you don't misuse it.

This program is designed for a single person, and has been priced accordingly. You are not supposed to share your login credentials with others. As long as you are not planning to do that, you don't have a reason to worry.

Though it varies depending upon the content of the session, the data consumed during a session rarely exceeds 500 MB. Most of the times, it is less than that. However, we recommend having a good data plan, since this course will require availability of good internet at every stage.

Live session recordings are much lighter. A session of around 2 hours will be roughly around 150 MB only. We will capture only the content, not the webcams, while recording the sessions to make the sessions easier to re-watch, download and store in the mobile devices.

The size of pre-recorded video classes will generally vary from 200 to 500 MB, depending upon the type of content.

Yes, you can, if your device runs on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or above.

No, the app required to run the videos isn't available for iOS yet. You will need either an Android phone or a computer.

No, that's not an option. It is a comprehensive program that covers the complete syllabus of RBI Grade B (DR) - General (Phase-II) exam.

Hope the FAQ responses addressed all your concerns.

Still have a query? You may write to us at info@meritshine.com.