Samir Kumar
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Samir, a quintessential learner, after graduating from the prestigious Hindu College, Delhi University, started his illustrious career in Sales with an Indian Pharma giant, wherein he understood the nuances of Customer, Market, Sales processes, Targets and this presented him a platform to hone, his now famed, interpersonal skills.

This stint gave a fillip to his inner curiosity and in his urge to learn and understand the finer aspects of business, he went on to pursue his Masters in Business Administration in Marketing & Economics from IIM Lucknow.

Having learnt the theoretical tricks of the trade, he was keen to implement the concepts. So, he strove for an international opportunity and ended up getting one of the highest packages on campus with a Food and Agri-Business Conglomerate.

Working as a Commodity Trader - Operations, he headed 2 Products in 2 countries and initiated operations across 4 other West African Countries. He then moved to Netherlands as Commodity Trader - Positions Management, in the process, experiencing the supply chain inside-out. Throughout this journey, his thirst of knowledge and learning was unquenchable and his exploratory readings continued including Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Politics and International Relations.

Having had such rich yet diverse work engagements and being a voracious reader, Samir wanted to give life to his vision of bringing structure and relevance to the education industry and wanted to ensure that the current generation and the next, didn't go through the same challenges that he underwent during his education. Having always learnt by thinking and probing, and tasting success through it, he wanted this understanding to reach the masses.

He is currently building a system that enables students to have the confidence to think, apply themselves and figure out solutions to unknown problems, on their own. He has already embarked on this phenomenal journey wherein through correct guidance, concise and relevant content, and leveraging the exponential benefits of technology, team Meritshine is already transforming lives of students across the lengths and breadths of India, including the remotest corners, making learning fun!