Exam: SBI PO 2019

Topics/Subjects to be covered: The complete syllabus of English Language, QA/DI and Reasoning for both Prelims and Mains

Start date: Sunday, 7th April, 2019

Number of sessions: 116 full-length classes -> Pre-recorded Classes (92) + Live Sessions (24)

Length of sessions: Live sessions last between 90 to 150 minutes; the recording duration of pre-recorded classes would be mostly between 60 to 90 minutes and each class takes 2-3 hours to complete for an average student

Program validity: 20th July 2019

Medium of instruction: English

Program fee: INR 8,000 (Adding GST @18%, the payable amount becomes INR 9,440)

You will get access to pre-recorded video classes, live sessions, recordings of live classes and a closed community for general/academic discussion, queries, and resolution of doubts.

Session Plan: All the students will get access to 92 pre-recorded classes (60-90 minutes) and 24 live sessions (90-150 minutes). The break-up of sessions is given below.

  • English: 26 sessions
  • Arithmetic/DI: 32 sessions
  • Reasoning & other miscellaneous topics: 34 sessions
  • Mock test discussion: 15 sessions
  • Advanced Interaction (AI): 9 sessions

Practice material: All students will get access to Oliveboard's SBI PO 2019 Practice Material that will include:

  • 20 Mocks for SBI PO 2019 Prelims
  • 10 Mocks for SBI PO 2019 Mains
  • All Topic Tests
  • Sectional Tests
  • GK Supplement with 2500 questions

* Please note that we will conduct sessions regularly for General Awareness/Banking Awareness on our YouTube channel in parallel, and will release their PDF files. These sessions will be open to all.

Familiarity:Only those students who have seen most of the relevant content on our YouTube channel are expected to apply to the program. Moreover, you should be comfortable with our language, mode of delivery, teaching methodology, etc. Please do not apply if you aren't comfortable with our style of teaching, or have got any kind of doubts or apprehensions regarding the quality, coverage, or any other matter.

Expectation:Though we will do almost everything from the basics, we still expect you to have gone through all the sessions on our YouTube channel and be thorough with the techniques discussed over there. It will take your understanding to a completely different level, and you will be able to extract the maximum out of the sessions. We will prescribe some prerequisites for some of the sessions, and will expect you to follow the advice.

Computer and internet: You need to have a very good, stable internet connection to attend the live classes. Also, a desktop/laptop is the preferred mode to attend the live sessions, though you can do so on a mobile device as well. However, for watching the pre-recorded video classes and recordings of live sessions, there's not much difference in terms of user experience on a desktop/laptop and a mobile device, and it depends on the preference of a user only. Also, for watching the pre-recorded video classes and the recordings of live sessions, a slightly inferior internet connection may also do the job for you. For that you will need to download the videos on a mobile device (Android 4.4 and above) first, and then watch them. It can give you a seamless experience despite not having a great internet connection.

Live classes: We will conduct live sessions over the platform of GoToWebinar. The time will be 9.00pm for all the live sessions. It will work on both laptop/desktop and mobile devices. Because of the interactive nature of the live sessions, the experience is generally found to be better on computers.

Recorded sessions: You will be able to watch the recordings of live sessions if you miss a particular session or you want to repeat some part of it. You will be given access to a portal where all the pre-recorded classes and live sessions' recordings will be available till 20 July 2019. You may watch a video multiple times also if needed. However, if a login ID is found to be used on multiples devices and/or multiple locations regularly, or videos are found to be played for an inordinate amount of time, it will be considered a suspicious activity and your account might be suspended because of it.

Downloading of videos: You will be able to download the pre-recorded classes and recordings of live sessions on your mobile device for offline use. However, this will be possible only through an Android app (we will share the details of this app after enrolment) which will work in a similar manner as Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video do. You can download the videos but you will not be able to extract them out of the device. The good part about this feature is that you will not be required to go online every time you want to watch even a small section of a session again. It will also save your internet data, and will be particularly useful for those students who don't have a great internet connection. This app will be available only for Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and above. Those students who intend to use only a computer to watch the videos will need to connect to the internet every time they want to watch them.

Click here to fill the application form. Please fill it only if you are genuinely interested in the program and have got no further doubts/concerns. Write the details very carefully as we will send you an admission offer on the basis of this form only. If shortlisted, you will get an e-mail within 48 hours with further instructions.

Also, please use the same Google ID for logging into ‘Google forms’ to fill the application form that you intend to use as your user ID throughout the duration of the program. The same also needs to be filled as your e-mail ID in the form. Please enter it very carefully. If that's even slightly incorrect, you will miss the communication from our end. Rest assured, we will not send you any pestering e-mails to join the program repeatedly. Please add info@meritshine.com into your address books to prevent our e-mail from going into the junk/spam/marketing folder.

You are advised to read everything written on this webpage very carefully before filling the form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There will only be three teachers - Abhishek, Samir and Ratnabha. You should check their sessions on our YouTube channel before making up your mind about this program.

You will get the schedule for upcoming two weeks, and we will keep updating it. It will have the release dates of all the pre-recorded classes as well as the dates of live sessions.

This program is slightly different in structure from our SBI PO 2018 program. The idea behind doing that is simple - to deliver more value to our students. So we keep thinking about it continually and make changes accordingly based on our observations and understanding of things. We realized from our experience that many of our students have been watching the concept sessions in the recorded mode only since they wanted to go through the basics at their own pace. So we have shifted the concept lessons to the pre-recorded mode, where a student can go through them like a class only, but at her/his own pace. Since the pre-recorded sessions are crisper, we could add some more content to them making them more exhaustive. Also, this gave us the chance to incorporate mock analysis and advanced discussion in the form of live interactive sessions. This has helped us increase the coverage of the program. You may think of it as product enhancement that any progressive organization would want to do.

We will cover all the concepts, fundamentals, solved problems, tips and tricks in the pre-recorded classes, which you can watch at your own pace. You are still expected to treat each pre-recorded session like a live class and do it on the day of the release itself. It will be similar to a live class, and you will need to keep pausing the video in between and following the instructions. So depending on your comfort level with a particular subject, a pre-recorded session will take anything from 2 to 3 hours for you to complete. The live sessions will be dedicated to things like test analyses, queries, doubts, general advice and other things that need interaction.

No, the content of these sessions will be completely different from that of any of our YouTube sessions. We will not repeat the content/questions/examples anywhere. The only thing similar will be basic rules/concepts/methodology which cannot be changed. This program is meant to build further upon the knowledge that a student has acquired from our YouTube lessons. We will cover a much larger variety of problems in this. So these 116 sessions are all additional sessions designed to augment your understanding of the subjects tested in the exam.

It is not mandatory for many topics since we will do them from scratch. But it is still advisable to watch everything from our YouTube channel since the problems discussed would be different. We anyway believe that most of the students who enrol with us have already been through most of our content on YouTube. There are some parts like grammar, vedic math, puzzles, etc. that need to be done compulsorily from our YouTube channel first. We have not repeated them in the paid sessions (that would be a waste of time) and rather used their further applications in the paid program to optimize the learning experience. We will discuss all this in detail in the intro session of the program.

No, they will look and sound much better since they will be recorded for this purpose only.

Yes, it can be done by going to a portal for which you will get login credentials. You will be able to watch the recording of any particular live session a day after the session has been conducted.

There is no limit as such to the number of times you can watch them. If required, you can do it multiple times, as long as you don't misuse it.

This program is designed for a single person, and has been priced accordingly. You are not supposed to share your login credentials with others. So as long as you are not planning to do that, you don't have a reason to worry.

Though it varies depending upon the content of the session, the data consumed during a session rarely exceeds 500 MB. Most of the times, it is less than that. However, we recommend having a good data plan since this course will require availability of good internet at every stage.

Live sessions' recordings are much lighter. A session of around 2 hours will be roughly around 150 MB only. We will capture only the content, not the webcams, while recording the sessions to make the sessions easier to re-watch, download and store in the mobile devices.

The size of pre-recorded video classes will generally vary from 200 to 500 MB, depending upon the type of content.

Yes, you can, if your device runs on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or above.

No, the app required to run the videos isn't available for iOS yet. You will need either an Android phone or a computer.

No, you don't need to buy anything else. There are quite a few free good resources on the web that we will recommend for additional practice.

Through a closed community, much like the ‘Meritshine Study Group’ on Facebook, but much better managed and controlled since the number of students will be much smaller. Though we always try to respond to every single student on any of our platforms, please don't apply if you expect "individual doubt solving sessions" from the teachers. It will not be a practical expectation. In fact, it is just a buzzword generally used for selling classroom programs. Nothing works better than collective wisdom if the people are smart, like-minded and focused. We will be available all the time for contributing to the discussions and helping with your questions. No queries go unanswered on the platform unless they are irrelevant or repeated. Our past students can vouch for that. All the students are expected to visit the page regularly and participate. There will be no spam or useless talk over there, just what you need - relevant academic stuff.

You shouldn't really look at it as a selection/screening process. From our experience, we understand that not everybody is at the same level in terms of preparedness, and not everybody learns at the same pace. So we do not want an expectation mismatch in any form. We don't plan to reach out to the masses to sell or market this program in any way. It is just meant for those students who know us already, trust us, and are comfortable with our teaching style. So the idea is to try to shortlist those students who we believe are actually going to benefit through the program. Help us do that by filling the form sincerely. The sole objective of this exercise is to ensure we are going to spend our time with capable, sincere students who are desperate to succeed. At the same time, we don't want students to get stuck with us who aren’t currently at a level where they can derive full benefit out of the program.

We have put lots of good, relevant, structured content on our YouTube channel for everybody to use, including but not limited to the SBI PO 2017 program. Study from it, follow the advice, practise hard, and you should do well. There genuinely are some people who are in a bad financial shape, and cannot afford any kind of paid program. So for them, it's a complete package. And that's the reason we don't intend to remove it, and keep saying that it is complete in itself.

Our paid programs are meant to build further upon this understanding that you get from our YouTube lessons. They cover a much larger variety of problems, and are meant for those students only who want a deeper engagement with a small focused group. So if one understands the way we teach, and is willing to put in the extra effort, and managing the program fees is not too much of an issue, the program is definitely going to take him/her a couple of levels above from the current position. E.g. If we discussed "x" problems of arithmetic on YouTube, here the number will be like "3x", with all the variety possible. So the depth and the range will be much more. Basically, the idea is to anticipate and cover every relevant thing that can come in the exam. And familiarity with questions and their optimal solutions does help at the time you attempt the questions in any exam.

And always remember that it's a competitive exam, not your 10th board paper. So there is no end to how much more you can do, unless of course you are AIR-1 already. Get as much as you can at every stage. Every mark counts. Ideally, try to get so much in the written part that the Interview/GE becomes just incidental. Take no chances!

No, that's not possible. We understand that prelims and mains are two vastly different exams and the approach to crack them is also different. However, the preparation is linked quite closely. One has to start working for prelims first, and then take it up a level higher for mains.

Before prelims, it will be either a live session or two pre-recorded classes every day (including weekends). After prelims, it will be either a pre-recorded class or a live session everyday (only weekdays). The idea is to finish bulk of the syllabus before prelims itself since you will need more time for problem-solving at the time of mains.

The following people should not apply:

  • Anybody who cannot work hard, and thinks just watching the sessions will get him/her selected because so many people attribute their success to Meritshine. That's not going to happen. We guided them, and they worked hard. That's how it happened.
  • Anybody who expects special individual attention from us. That will be an unrealistic expectation. Though we are always ready to answer any calls, we won't make you believe it will be like 'individual tutoring'. Don't join us if that's the reason. However, all our students know we try to respond to every single query even on our YouTube channel and our Facebook group.
  • Anybody who expects special individual attention from us. That will be an unrealistic expectation. Though we are always ready to answer any calls, we won't make you believe it will be like 'individual tutoring'. Don't join us if that's the reason. However, all our students know we try to respond to every single query even on our YouTube channel and our Facebook group
  • Anybody who finds it difficult to understand the English spoken by us. Please check our YouTube sessions for that. The program will not be bilingual; it will be in English only.
  • Anybody who wants to just learn the basics, and doesn't really expect to get selected. We discourage you to join the program since the program will be quite rigorous in nature. Watch our YouTube sessions first. There is so much to learn from there. Join our next program once you are comfortable with how we teach.
  • Anybody with poor internet connectivity and/or no decent device to attend the sessions.

We are sorry; that's not an option, not currently at least. We are not a huge corporate or a well-funded e-learning company to be able to afford doing that. They have their dedicated channels to manage SKUs. We have got nothing, but our ability to teach and our commitment towards our students.

Yes, absolutely. Though it is targeted towards SBI PO 2019, you should think of SBI Clerk preparation as a subset of SBI PO preparation only. Ideally, one should prepare for SBI PO, and then should appear for all the similar exams. The structure of IBPS PO exam is generally very similar to SBI PO exam and it is the same preparation that will suffice for both.

There are a couple of reasons for that...

  • We advise all our students to make notes in the classes for revision later, the way you do in a conventional classroom. That is the way to study properly, not watching the videos again and again. It will be a waste of time. You should ideally finish a class in one session, by watching it at your own pace, rewinding/pausing/re-running select portions as per your requirements. After that session, it should just be the class notes made by you. If you do it like this, you won't need the videos after SBI PO 2019 mains anyway. Hundreds of our past students can vouch for this. (And if you are one of those who do not intend to finish everything before SBI PO 2019 mains, for any reason whatsoever, you should better avoid this program.)
  • There is a substantial cost involved with the maintenance and upkeep of encrypted content on the servers. When we did our calculations, we took into account this period only, otherwise the course fee would have gone much higher.

There will be no separate sessions as such for Group Exercises and Personal Interview preparation in this program. However, there is a lot of stuff that we have done already for that on our YouTube channel, which is enough for anybody to understand what all needs to be done. Thousands of students have done phenomenally well in the personality assessment stage of various exams by using just that. We will do more as and when needed. After that, it is your homework that makes you crack the personality assessment stage. We are always open to a quick phone call from a sincere student going to appear for an interview. Our past students will vouch for that.

Yes, we will do that, and then expect you to work regularly towards it.

Hope the FAQ responses addressed all your concerns.

Still have a query? You may write to us at info@meritshine.com.