Price : ₹ 8,000 + GST



Exam: Staff Selection Commission - Combined Graduate Level Examination, 2020

Topics/Subjects to be covered:

  • Complete Maths and English
    - Quantitative Aptitude (Tier-I) + Quantitative Abilities (Tier-II)
    - English Comprehension (Tier-I) + English Language and Comprehension (Tier-II)
    - Descriptive Paper in English (Tier-III)

Start date: Friday, December 04, 2020

Content Snapshot: 100+ full-length classes (140+ hours) in Maths & 85+ full-length classes (100+ hours) in English

Program Validity: August 31, 2021

Medium of Instruction: English

Program fee: INR 8,000 (Adding GST @18%, the payable amount becomes INR 9,440)

You will get access to Pre-recorded video classes, Live sessions, recordings of Live sessions, question banks for various subjects, and a closed community for general/academic discussions, queries and resolution of doubts. We will solve a large number of questions in classes during the course of the program. Many of the classes would be in the form of practice sessions only. Also, we will give you Question Banks (unsolved) to practise further at your end. We not only prepare for what has come but also for what can come.

Assessment Section: Maths

Module Name: Arithmetic & DI
Number of Sessions: 30+ full-length classes
Subject Matter Expert (SME): Abhishek Gupta
Video Sessions by SME: 40+ hours
Question Coverage: 600+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 450+ Practice-tailored Questions
Topics covered: Percentage, Profit & Loss, SI&CI, Partnership, Instalments, Average, Ratios, Time-Speed-Distance, Time & Work, Data Interpretation problems

Module Name: Geometry
Number of Sessions: 25+ full-length classes
Subject Matter Expert (SME): Samir Kumar
Video Sessions by SME: 30+ hours
Question Coverage: 500+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 500+ Practice-tailored Questions
Topics covered: Basics of Geometry, Triangles, Circles, Quadrilaterals, Polygons, 3D Figures, Mensuration, Co-ordinate Geometry, Miscellaneous questions

Module Name: Algebra
Number of Sessions: 15+ full-length classes
Subject Matter Expert (SME): Abhishek Gupta
Video Sessions by SME: 25+ hours
Question Coverage: 600+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 500+ Practice-tailored Questions
Topics covered: Algebraic Identities, Linear Equations, Quadratic Equations, Polynomials, Indices & Surds

Module Name: Number Systems
Number of Sessions: 15+ full-length classes
Subject Matter Expert (SME): Samir Kumar
Video Sessions by SME: 20+ hours
Question Coverage: 500+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 500+ Practice-tailored Questions
Topics covered: Number Tree, Rational, Irrational Numbers, Prime, Composite, Perfect Numbers, Co-prime, Twin prime Numbers, Factors, Properties of numbers: Unit digit, Digit sum, Cyclicity – multiple powers, Divisibility Rules, Remainder, Special division: n^p –n /p , R=0 if P prime, Factorial: (p-1)! +1 / p, R =0 if P is prime, Euler's totient function, Last 2 digits, Factorials, Number of zeros, Remainder when divided by, LCM, HCF, Logs, Base system, Simplifications

Module Name: Trigonometry
Number of Sessions: 15+ full-length classes
Subject Matter Expert (SME): Ratnabha Saha
Video Sessions by SME: 25+ hours
Question Coverage: 500+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 500+ Practice-tailored Questions
Topics covered: Basic identities, Graphs and Quadrants, Compound Angles, Multiple and submultiple angles, Transformation of Trigonometric functions, Special Identities, Heights and distances, etc.

Assessment Section: English

Number of Sessions: 75+ full-length classes
Subject Matter Expert (SME): Ratnabha Saha
Video Sessions by SME: 100+ hours
Question Coverage: 1000+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 1100+ Practice-tailored Questions

Module Name: Reading Comprehension
In-Class Coverage: 30+ Passages with 200+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 50+ Passages with 300+ Practice-tailored Questions
Guidance on how to use FoRCe (Our free Resource for RCs): 130+ Passages with 500+ tailored Questions

Sub-Module Name: Critical Reasoning (within Reading Comprehension)
In-Class Coverage: 100+ High Quality Questions solved
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 100+ Practice-tailored Questions

Module Name: Vocabulary
In-Class Coverage: 4000+ exam-level words and idioms in a special way to boost your score
Guidance on how to use FiVer (Our free Resource for Vocab): 800+ Questions based on Vocab

Module Name: Transformation (Active-Passive & Direct-Indirect)
In-Class Coverage: 300+ High Quality Questions solved, covering all major types
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 200+ Practice-tailored Questions

Module Name: Fill in the Blanks & Cloze Test
In-Class Coverage: 200+ High Quality Questions solved, covering different patterns including Advance Topics like Para Completion
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 200+ Practice-tailored Questions

Module Name: Grammar
In-Class Coverage: 150+ High Quality Questions solved, covering all concepts
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 150+ Practice-tailored Questions
Guidance on how to use “Grammar for Competitive exam” (Our free Playlist for Grammar): All what you need to learn in English Grammar

Module Name: ParaJumbles
In-Class Coverage: 100+ High Quality Questions solved, covering all concepts
Supplementary Question Bank (Unsolved with Answer Key): 100+ Practice-tailored Questions

Module Name: Descriptive Writing
Number of Sessions: 10+ full-length classes
In-Class Coverage: Nurture writing ability by guiding students through the basics of professional writing, giving them a comprehensive guideline to write, intervening from time to time to evaluate their writing and providing them with necessary feedback to improve (done on the Closed User FB Group)
Supplementary Support: 50+ exam-critical Topics to Write on
Closed User FB Group: 5+ engaging and value-additive Activities

Familiarity: We expect only those students to enrol in our paid programs who have seen at least some part of the relevant content on our YouTube channel, and are convinced that we will be able to help them with their preparation. Moreover, you should be comfortable with our language, mode of delivery, teaching methodology, etc. Please do not enrol if you aren't comfortable with our style of teaching, or have got any kind of doubts or apprehensions regarding the quality, coverage, or any other matter.

Expectation: Though we will do almost everything from the basics, we still expect you to have gone through at least some of the sessions on our YouTube channel and be thorough with the techniques discussed over there. It will take your understanding to a completely different level, and you will be able to extract the maximum out of this program. We will prescribe some prerequisites for some of the sessions, and will expect you to follow the advice. For example, in English Grammar, we will not spend time on repeating the basics. There is a well-structured playlist for Grammar on our YouTube channel which we would ask you to complete before moving to the sessions on Error Spotting and Error Correction. That will save us time and we will be able to deliver maximum value to the students. Also, it will take your understanding of the subjects to a completely different level, and you will be able to extract the maximum out of the sessions.

Computer and Internet: You need to have a good, stable internet connection to attend the live classes. You may use either a computer (desktop/laptop) or a mobile device (phone/tablet) for watching the video classes and attending the live sessions. What one chooses to use depends on one's preference only. However, if you don't have a good internet connection, using a mobile device would be advisable since there's an option in our app Meritshine Prep to download the videos first and then watch them. The app is available for android devices, and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Live Sessions: All the live sessions will be conducted at 09:00 pm. They can be attended through either a computer (desktop/laptop) or a mobile device (phone/tablet). You will come to know about any upcoming live session at least a week in advance.

Recorded Classes: You will be able to watch the recordings of live sessions, if you miss a particular session or you want to repeat some part of it. All the pre-recorded classes and live session recordings will be available on your course portal till August 31, 2021. You may watch a video multiple times also, if needed. However, if a login ID is found to be used on multiples devices and/or multiple locations regularly, or videos are found to be played for an inordinate amount of time, it will be considered a suspicious activity and your account may be suspended because of it.

Downloading of videos: You will be able to download the pre-recorded classes and recordings of live sessions on your mobile device for offline use. However, this will be possible only through our app Meritshine Prep, which will work in a similar manner as Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video do. You can download the videos but you will not be able to extract them out of the device. The good part about this feature is that you will not be required to go online every time you want to watch even a small section of a session again. It will also save your internet data, and will be particularly useful for those students who don't have a great internet connection. This app will be available only for Android 4.4 (Kitkat) and above. Needless to say, the downloaded sessions will also stop working once the program validity expires. Those students who intend to use only a computer to watch the videos will need to connect to the internet every time they want to watch them as downloading is not possible on a computer.

Click on this link to pay the program fee. Please bear the following things in mind:

  1. Please make the payment only if you are 100% sure you want to pursue the course and possess the necessary infrastructure to run it smoothly. It will be impossible for us to refund the fee.
  2. You will need to make a login ID on the course portal before buying the program, if you do not have that already.
  3. Please put your Name, Mobile Number, E-Mail ID and complete Postal Address, wherever asked, very carefully. Do not use fake details anywhere. You might be asked to furnish proof of your identity at any stage during the program. If you fail to do so, your access to the course portal would be revoked and the program fee forfeited.
  4. Do not share the login credentials of your course portal with anybody. All the activity here is traced by us. This is the portal where you will get the links for all the live sessions, attend the pre-recorded classes, watch the recordings of live sessions, and do the assignments.
  5. You will get an automated payment confirmation e-mail, once you complete the payment successfully. It means that your admission is confirmed, and you don't need to do anything after that. You will get another e-mail from us within 24 hours that will contain further instructions. Also, please add into your address books to prevent any of our e-mails from going into your junk/spam/marketing folder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meritshine never compromises on the quality of teaching and content. There will only be three teachers in this program - Abhishek, Samir and Ratnabha. They are vastly experienced in this field and understand what it takes to guide a student to clear an aptitude test. They themselves have taken numerous such tests and done phenomenally well in them. Thousands of successful students vouch for their teaching methodology and attribute their success to Meritshine's teachers. You should check some of their sessions on Meritshine's YouTube channel before making up your mind about this program.

You will get the schedule for upcoming 2-3 weeks in advance and we will keep updating it regularly. It will have the release dates of pre-recorded classes as well as the dates of live sessions, as and when they are planned.

It will vary. We will start at an easy pace, since we will give you certain tasks to complete initially and will then increase the frequency gradually. Rest assured, your syllabus will be completed much before the exams.

Sessions can be conducted both on weekdays and weekends. The students will come to know about the exact schedule for the next few days in advance, so that they can plan accordingly. The time for both pre-recorded and live sessions will be 09:00 pm, irrespective of the day of the week. Since all the sessions will remain available till the expiry of the program, you do not need to worry about missing any sessions.

We have realized from our experience that most of our students like to watch the concept sessions in the pre-recorded mode since that gives them the freedom to learn at their own pace. So, we will cover all the concepts, fundamentals, solved problems, tips & tricks in the pre-recorded classes. You are still expected to treat each pre-recorded session like a live class and watch it on the day of the release itself. The delivery style will be very similar to a live class, and you will need to keep pausing the video in between and following the instructions. Depending on your comfort level with a particular subject, a pre-recorded session will take anything from 2 to 3 hours for you to complete. Since the pre-recorded sessions are more crisp, that enables us to add more content to them making them much more exhaustive. The live sessions will be dedicated to things like queries, doubts, discussions, general advice & motivation and other things that need interaction.

We are sorry; that's not an option. It is a comprehensive program covering everything you need to prepare Maths and English for SSC CGL. We run our programs in batches, like real classes, and it's not possible for us to make multiple variations of those batches. If we try dividing the students subject-wise, the program would be reduced to just multiple video courses. And we do not want to offer video courses, not currently at least. What we offer is a very powerful complete preparatory program after which you won't need anything else to crack the exams. It offers all the functionality of a conventional classroom program, and much better features, powered by technology.

No, that's not possible. We understand that Tier-I and Tier-II are two vastly different exams and the approach to crack them is also different. However, the preparation is linked quite closely. One has to start working for Tier-I first and then take it up a level higher for Tier-II.

No, the content of these sessions will be completely different from that of any of our YouTube sessions. We will not repeat the content/questions/examples anywhere. The only thing similar will be basic rules/concepts/methodology, for topics we have discussed on our YouTube channel (which cannot be changed). This program is meant to build further upon the knowledge that a student has acquired from our YouTube lessons. We will cover a much larger variety of problems in this. All the sessions of this program will be completely different from whatever you may already have studied through our YouTube channel, don't worry.

There will be some similarities in the content and there will be a few common concept sessions as well. However, the overall offerings will be quite different. A large part of the content (60-70%) will be completely different, and also other things like the flow of sessions, assignments, doubts & strategy sessions, etc. will be unique to this program.

Yes, you will be able to manage it, provided you are willing to work on it. You have lots of time left for the exam at this stage, which is more than enough to master "Advanced Maths" asked in SSC CGL. We will cover all the topics of Advanced Maths in great detail in this program, explaining every concept you need to know and solving thousands of problems in the process. It is bound to simplify the subject for you. What we will expect from you is an open mind, keen to listen and eager to learn. We can assure you that it is not tough, just that you are not familiar with it currently, which can be changed in a few months.

We had thought about it, but then decided against it. In fact, you do not need anybody to teach you these two subjects for SSC CGL. Given below are our observations on the two subjects and the way to prepare them -:

General Intelligence and Reasoning: This section is quite manageable. Most students easily get more than 40 out of 50 marks and the good ones cross 45 without breaking a sweat. There is hardly anything which is difficult here. Some questions require visualization and may look a little tough to the uninitiated but even they can be answered quickly and with great accuracy, after some exposure and familiarizing yourself with the process. We have done many relevant sessions on our YouTube channel and may do a few more. But we actually did not feel the need to include the subject in this program. The preparation will be mostly about practice only. You are advised to do all the past questions available in the public domain, take a lot of practice tests and you should do fine.

General Awareness: Though GA carries just 50 out of a total of 700 marks, the syllabus is very vast with a mix of many different subjects and current affairs. Moreover, there is nothing to teach there, it is mostly rote learning that's needed. A lot of students spend an inordinate amount of time trying to score heavily in GA, which isn't advisable. You can do a lot better by spending that time in practising more and more questions of English & Maths, which carry 600 out of 700 marks. What you should ideally do is to stay abreast of important current events by reading regularly. Also, there are some courses on static general knowledge that we have released on, which you should go through multiple times. They are compilations of important subject-wise questions. Apart from that, go through all the questions of past years' exams and various mocks. However, if you want to do it comprehensively, pick NCERT textbooks of 6th-10th standard, and do Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) and Social Science (History, Civics and Geography) from them, along with Economics. If you still have time, there are plenty of miscellaneous topics that you are expected to have done over your entire student life such as books and authors, art and culture, honours and awards, inventions and discoveries, important dates, national and international organizations, sports, etc. It is endless. The more you read, the better you can score. But you need to calculate at what cost you are doing it. The incremental effort you will need to put in to score every extra mark in GA is too much in SSC CGL. So, keep it balanced. One very good book to prepare is Lucent's General Knowledge but it will also take a lot of time to complete and you should do it only if you feel your preparation of both English and Maths is quite good, you are scoring very well in the practice tests, you possess amazing writing skills and are pretty certain you will score heavily in the descriptive test, and basically you have lots of time to spare for getting those 10-15 extra marks in GA.

It will not be different, but a little enhanced. We continually keep thinking about adding more value to our offerings, and make changes accordingly, based on our observations and understanding of things. You may think of it as product enhancement that any progressive organization would want to do. Even this program will be significantly enhanced as compared to the program we offered last year. Apart from the usual updation/optimization of the content, we will add many new sessions to the course module, keeping in mind the latest pattern and the changing requirements of the exams. We will add the kind of questions that have been asked recently, their variations, and also the problems that we expect can be asked in the exam going forward. The idea is to give students more exposure to new and unseen problems, develop their thinking and problem-solving abilities, and equip them with the ability to handle anything that the exam may throw at them. Also, we will add question banks for all the subject areas to make students practise better.

No, they will look and sound much better since they will be recorded for this purpose only.

Yes, it can be done by going to a portal for which you will get login credentials. You will be able to watch the recording of any particular live session, a day after the session has been conducted.

There is no limit as such to the number of times you can watch them. If required, you can do it multiple times, as long as you don't misuse it.

This program is designed for a single person and has been priced accordingly. You are not supposed to share your login credentials with others. As long as you are not planning to do that, you don't have a reason to worry.

Through a closed community, much like the "Meritshine Study Group" on facebook, but much better managed and controlled since the number of students will be much smaller. Though we always try to respond to every single student on any of our platforms, please don't enrol if you expect "individual doubt solving sessions" from the teachers. It will not be a practical expectation. In fact, it is just a buzzword generally used for selling classroom programs. Nothing works better than collective wisdom if the people are smart, like-minded and focused. Moreover, most of the doubts are common. So, if you are regular and sincere, you would realize that most of the things you wanted to ask are getting answered automatically. In fact, you get to learn a lot of other interesting and useful things as well, by going through other students' queries and their responses. When a few good people interact, they learn from each other and are generally able to find solutions to even the most complicated of problems. Whenever needed, we will be available for contributing to the discussions and helping you with your questions. No queries go unanswered on the platform unless they are irrelevant or repeated. Our past students can vouch for that. If there is something that we feel requires more attention, we will take it up during the sessions. All the students are expected to visit the page regularly and participate. There will be no spam or useless talk over there. It'll just have what you need - relevant academic stuff.

Yes, it is very important. While our course, in itself, is very powerful in terms of content and pedagogy as compared to other ordinary video courses, this group is one of the reasons why this program brings a lot more value. Apart from what we have mentioned above, there are some activities which are just not possible to do individually. For example, we generally open a thread to give feedback on descriptive writing to the interested students. We can do it individually as well for a few students, but then it won't benefit everyone. So, we do it on the group. Even if one chooses not to put his/her piece for evaluation, one can still learn by looking at what others have written and the feedback they have received. That's the utility of a good community. For anybody, who feels facebook may prove to be a distraction, we advise creating a separate ID just for this program. Do not add any friends to it, do not browse, just use this group through that ID. And you will soon realize how powerful a tool FB can be. You just need to learn to use it optimally for your studies. It has worked for thousands of students earlier. It will work for you as well.

We understand it is a little tough to learn in a language which we are not used to, but you must have passed that stage already if you are reading this page, and have been through our YouTube lessons. Now, it is just a matter of continuing further and getting better at the language every day. Many of our students are from Hindi medium. They try, they face some problems, at times, initially, but then, they start getting it easily after some time. How should you deal with any weakness of yours? By taking it Head-On. It's the same that's needed here. Please understand that English is a language, not just a subject. It takes time to master unlike some other subjects. Start reading, writing, watching English News channels, and conversing in English, regularly. Make it a part of your life. Embrace it! You will get comfortable gradually. You need to be good at English, not only to clear this exam, but also to do well in your professional life. There is a reason they check your English skills. 250 out of 600 marks are allotted to English in this exam, isn't it... Why? Because basic understanding of English will be important even when you start working.

All of us are very comfortable teaching in Hindi. In fact, we thought about teaching in Hindi a few times, but the reasons mentioned above stopped us from doing it, every time. Being able to understand the basic English that we speak may be the first step in the right direction for many of you. That's our way of persuading you to get more comfortable with English. And it has worked for so many of our students, who now feel they carried this "English problem" for too long when they could have dealt with it much earlier.

As far as conducting a bilingual program is concerned, it will be a sheer waste of time, for us and for our students. The same thing that we teach in 60 minutes will then take 120 minutes, isn't it... We have tried it in the past, and it did not work well. In fact, that mode used to irritate everyone. Imagine what it would be like for:

1) Those who understand only Hindi - They won't understand half the things we say. It will be irritating...
2) Those who understand only English - They also won't understand half the things we say. Again irritating...
3) Those who are comfortable with both Hindi and English - A waste of time for them listening to exactly the same thing in two languages. Irritating yet again...

Please give it a thought. We do not want you to enrol with us if you think you will not understand what we teach because of your current level in English. Then our advice for you is to start preparing with our YouTube sessions first. After going through those, your English will definitely improve. So many of our students say that their English improved by attending not just our English classes, but also by watching our quant/di/puzzles sessions. Yes, that's the difference exposure makes. However, if you are okay at English, you can understand most of it, and it is just a matter of coming out of your comfort zone, it is time to do it now. This is about your career!

All such people should not enrol:

- Anybody who cannot work hard, and thinks just watching the sessions will get him/her selected because so many people attribute their success to Meritshine. That's not going to happen. We guided them, and they worked hard. That's how it happened.

- Anybody who expects special individual attention from us. That will be an unrealistic expectation. Though we are always ready to answer any questions, we won't make you believe it will be like 'individual tutoring'. Don't join us if that's the reason. (However, all our students know we try to respond to every single query even on our YouTube channel and our FB group. What we can say is that unless you have impractical expectations about personal attention, you will not feel disappointed.)

- Anybody who finds it difficult to understand the English spoken by us. Please check our YouTube sessions for that. The program will not be bilingual; it will be in English only.

- Anybody whose expectations in terms of content delivery are unrealistic. We believe it will be quite an exhaustive program, but please do not expect us to spoon-feed you. We expect you to learn, start thinking and start cracking problems. We do not claim to know/guess the exact questions you are going to face in the exam and solve all of them for you in the program. That is not just impractical but naive as well. It doesn't work this way. We will deliver so much that if you study sincerely, work hard and follow the advice, you will be in a position to crack anything that the exam throws at you.

- Anybody who wants to just learn the basics and doesn't really expect to get selected. We discourage you to join the program since the program will be quite rigorous in nature. Watch our YouTube sessions first. There is so much to learn from there. Join our next program, once you are comfortable with how we teach.

- Anybody with poor internet connectivity and/or no decent device to attend the sessions

Yes, we have made this change in our admission process. What we had wasn't really a selection/screening process, but a simple exercise to ensure we got sincere students who could understand and appreciate the way we teach. It was designed three years back, when we had started offering paid programs. We were very new to this back then, and most students did not know us well enough. The primary purpose of the exercise was to avoid any expectation mismatch, and counsel those students who we thought would not fit into the program. We did not even have a webpage like this at that time, to explain our program offering. So some students found it tough to understand our expectations. Now, after spending this much time in the industry, we have realized that most of the students who are interested in our paid programs know about us and have gone through at least some part of our YouTube content. Going through this page also helps them take an informed decision. It was also apparent from the quality of forms we received in the last couple of programs we offered. So we decided to do away with that exercise in the admission process and make it smoother for the interested students. Our expectation now from the students is to just read this page carefully and then take a decision on their own.

No, our platform does not have the functionality of accepting part payments.

Though it varies depending upon the content of the session, the data consumed during a session rarely exceeds 500 MB. Most of the times, it is less than that. However, we recommend having a good data plan since this course will require availability of good internet at every stage.

The size of these videos will generally vary from 200 to 500 MB, depending upon the type of content.

Yes, you can, if your device runs on Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or above.

No, the app required to run the videos isn't available for iOS yet. You will need either an Android phone or a computer.

Yes, you will have to buy a test series of your choice for honing your test-taking skills.

No, the downloaded videos will not work after the expiry of course validity.

Hope the FAQ responses addressed all your concerns.

Still have a query? You may write to us at