What does it take to solve quant problems magically

I felt like sharing this small extract from a message a student sent me some time back while sharing the news of his selection. This is for all of you who keep asking us how to do better in quant section.

"I watched few of your videos at that time and I relied completely on Meritshine. Sometimes while watching the video, I got blank looking at some of the problems. I couldn’t get the answers and I used to watch the videos repeatedly until I got the answer. I have watched your videos on YouTube at least four times sir. It has entirely changed the way I approached my exams. After working on around 200 problems of each topic, solving quant problems became a magic sir. I became quants addict for a while because of you sir."

I will say the same thing again. The magic happens only when you put in the hours. There are no shortcuts to master anything. But if you are prepared to slog with all your heart, nothing can stop you. Make up your mind and get started today.