Never stop learning and keep growing

Congratulations to all those who are starting their stint with SBI today...

It's a very special day for many of you. Start with a lot of energy, excitement and exuberance. I am sure you are looking forward to the financial freedom it's going to get you. However, it will not be long before this job becomes a part of your mundane routine and you will feel as if you have been doing it forever. But before that happens, enjoy every moment of it. There will be challenges. Face them bravely. You will start looking forward to new ones. They will make you learn and grow.

There will be moments you will feel depressed and frustrated, and begin doubting your ability. Remind yourself then that only 1 in every 500 applicants got selected for this job. You will feel better instantly.

Do your job with honesty, integrity, and a zeal to give your best. With the number of retirements going to happen in the next few years, you may rise in the organization at an astounding pace.

One last thing! Never stop learning. That's a mistake many people make once they are employed. Keep learning. Learn new things, be it new words, a new sport or new subjects. Learn now for the joy of learning. It will never let the child within you die prematurely.

Keep shining. All the best! :)