How, When and Why

Translating thoughts into actions always takes a while because we are all afraid of taking risks. After all, who doesn’t like a smooth ride? Eight years ago, we decided to come out of our comfort zone, which meant leaving behind our lofty corporate pay cheques, to do something we loved. We didn’t see anything bigger than a student’s passion to learn and the need to provide her/him with the tools necessary to ace any exam. We offered quality education to ambitious students, making structured and relevant content in engaging delivery styles, ensuring accessibility and affordability at the same time.

Our model is based on online learning because we firmly believe in the empowering capabilities of modern technology. We think that it holds the potential to design the cutting-edge tools that can help students in extracting the maximum value out of their time, at any time of the day, at any place.

When the student needs, the teacher appears!

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What we stand by

At Meritshine, our purpose is to take a giant leap from our conventional method of rote learning to a more meaningful system, relying on concrete skill building. We believe in making our students 'learn by thinking'. Our aim is not just to help students crack exams but equip them with skills that take them miles ahead in their careers, not just for one exam but every time they decide to take up a challenge.

“Shortcut to success cuts short the success."

We are setting up processes and systems to enable students to have the confidence to think, apply themselves and figure out solutions to unknown problems, on their own.

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Our Mission

To transform the 'eduscape' by leveraging technology while keeping academics at the heart of everything we do
‘eduscape’ ~ educational landscape; an escape from the current inefficiencies

Faces of Meritshine