Why Online Preparation?

Even though the internet connection and affordability has improved in our country, we understand that some of you may still face some problems. Hence, our courses are also available for offline view - as and when you have access to the internet connection you can download them for offline use. Your learning is not dependent on when a lecture is being delivered. You can watch at your own pace.

You can ask questions here too, but a little differently. Your queries would be resolved through a closed community, astutely managed and controlled by the teachers, to ensure only academic discussions, and peer learning through Collective Wisdom. All the students are expected to visit the page regularly and participate. There is no spam or useless talk on our community pages, just what a student needs - relevant academic discussions.

We would like to add that though we always try to respond to every single student on any of our platforms, we discourage those from joining us who expect "individual doubt solving sessions" from the teachers. It is not a practical expectation. In fact, it is just a buzzword generally used for selling classroom programs.

Nothing works better than collective wisdom if the people are smart, like-minded and focused. Moreover, most of the doubts are common. So if a student is regular and sincere, she would realize that most of the things she wanted to ask are getting answered automatically. In fact, one gets to learn a lot of other interesting and useful things as well by going through other students' queries and their responses. If there is a problem that the teachers feel requires a little more attention, they take it up in the forthcoming classes. When a few good people interact, they learn from each other and are generally able to find solutions to even the most complicated of problems, thereby helping others as well. Needless to say, the teachers are also available to contribute to the discussions whenever needed. Our past students can vouch for the utility of these student communities and how they give an edge to their preparation.

How does deciding your own study hours and breaks sound to you? We don’t prescribe a time for your study and breaks. With online sessions, you can choose to learn anytime and anywhere.

That’s true but that’s possible with us too and it’s even better. Our courses can be viewed on a desktop/laptop or a mobile device. You can’t go back to each and every word your teachers said in the classroom but you can do it here by viewing the videos again and again. The videos are also available for offline view if you download them and the good part about this feature is that you will not be required to go online every time you want to watch even a small section of a session again.

Here, you can interact with a diverse group of people not only from your city but all across the country on our Facebook group/YouTube channel. They could be the ones who are in the same boat as you, our ex-students who can give first-hand tips, our mentors et al. The best part is, you can interact anytime without having to go to a physical location at a fixed hour of the day.

Why Meritshine?

We give our students the chance to decide for themselves by offering a whole range of tutorials for free on YouTube and elsewhere. We offer many reasons to join us:

  • Highly qualified and vastly experienced faculty members
  • Technologically advanced pedagogical techniques
  • Systematically designed insightful learning modules
  • The most relevant, tailor-made, high-quality content
  • Pre-recorded classes for self-paced conceptual learning
  • Live sessions for real-time faculty interaction

If you are satisfied with are teaching style and are confident about our offerings, we will be happy to have you on board with us.

We can guarantee quality content and an unparalleled learning experience. If you can use it well, we’re sure you’ll succeed.

We have more than 500 free videos on our YouTube channel which can help you get familiar with our teaching style.

We enable our students to understand concepts holistically and think for themselves, thereby leading to them deriving their own tricks and techniques. We strive to discuss approaches that help our students get to the answer in the best way possible.

We are based out of Delhi but we do not have any offline centres currently. We believe that our tools and techniques should reach to every deserving student and hence, we chose the online mode.

Courses offered

Currently, we offer programs relevant for SBI PO, IBPS PO, SSC CGL, RBI, etc. All our resources are available on YouTube and prep.meritshine.com

We understand it is a little tough to learn in a language which we are not used to, but you must have passed that stage already if you are reading this page, and have gone through our YouTube sessions. Now, it is just a matter of pushing yourself further and getting better at the language each passing day. Many of our students are from Hindi medium. They do face some problems at times initially, but then they ease into it gradually.

How should one deal with any weakness? By taking it head-on. It's the same that's needed here. English is a language, not just a subject. It takes time to master unlike some other subjects. Start reading, writing, watching English news channels, and conversing in English, regularly. Make it a part of your daily routine. Embrace it! You will get comfortable gradually.

English proficiency is needed not only to clear this exam, but also to do well in your professional life. It is a critical cog in your journey to develop a well-rounded personality, which will become quintessential when you step into the professional world.

To further clarify, all of us are very comfortable teaching in Hindi but the reasons mentioned above stopped us from doing it, every time. Being able to understand the basic English that we speak in our sessions may be the first step in the right direction for many of you. That's our way of persuading you to get more comfortable with English. And it has worked for so many of our students who now feel they have won over this weakness by religiously working through our sessions.

As far as conducting a bilingual program is concerned, it will be a sheer waste of time, for us and for our students. The same thing that we teach in 60 minutes will then take 120 minutes. We have tried it in the past, and it did not work well. In fact, that mode used to irritate everyone:
Hindi audience - They won't understand half the things we say.
English audience - They also won't understand half the things we say.
Bilingual audience - A waste of time for them listening to exactly the same thing in two languages.
Please give it a thought. Honing your English language skills is about your career and future prospects. The merits of working on it has been succinctly addressed in the previous question.

The content for the Paid Programs will be completely different from that of any of our YouTube sessions. We will not repeat the content/questions/examples anywhere. The only thing similar will be basic rules/concepts/methodology, for topics that we have done on YouTube, which cannot be changed.

The paid programs will build further upon the knowledge that a student may have acquired from our YouTube lessons. We will cover a much larger variety of problems in this. All these sessions will be designed to augment your understanding of the subjects tested in the exam, in line with the latest exam pattern, and will include all kinds of questions that have been asked in the exam and their reasonable possible variations, thereby significantly improving your preparation levels for each of the exams.

We understand that there are some people who are genuinely in a poor financial shape, and cannot afford any kind of paid program. We have put lots of good, relevant and structured content on our YouTube channel for everybody to use. Study from it, follow the advice, practise hard, and you should do well.

Having said this, think of the paid program as an investment you are making on yourself to give yourself the best chance of succeeding at the chosen exam. We have observed over our past years of experience that those who want to give themselves the best chance to succeed, curtail other comfort expenses/entertainment to take the paid program. The choice is finally up to you. You know what is best for you.

Please visit prep.meritshine.com for accessing our paid programs.

Our YouTube channel offers 500+ free videos for you to make an informed decision about us.

There are two teachers for the courses - Abhishek and Ratnabha. Further details about them can be found in the About Us section of our website.

Yes, please download the Meritshine Prep app from Google Play.

Enrolment and fee

You will need to make a login ID first on the portal prep.meritshine.com. Then choose a program variant of your choice among the list of the available courses, pay the program fee online, and get started immediately.

You will get an automated payment confirmation e-mail once you complete the course fee payment successfully. Also, you would see that lessons in the program you have enrolled for have become available for you to access.

There shouldn’t be. Make sure you have a stable internet connection while you’re making the payment. If you still face any trouble, write to us at info@meritshine.com.

Yes! We offer multiple variants of our programs.

No. Please make the payment only if you are 100% sure you want to pursue the course and possess the necessary infrastructure to run it smoothly. It will be impossible for us to refund the course fee.

We have already incorporated the best possible discount in the course fee. We believe what we charge is reasonable and affordable. We try to keep it at a price point below which it will be impossible for us to sustain.

No. Our system does not accept part payments.

Preparation related

Spend some time browsing the channel, especially the playlists section. The sessions are available in an orderly fashion with subject wise playlists.

Make your own plan to start your preparation and adhere to the plan.

Begin with all the subjects and divide the time you spend on each of them.

Start with learning the concepts first. If you are not very weak at the subjects, you should get them easily. If you are not great at a topic, you should get better with some effort. Don't feel demotivated or hassled if you find the ways discussed in the sessions to be very different from what you have learnt in school/college. The techniques learnt in school/college help, but not for cracking aptitude tests. You will need to change your ways now and you’ll take some time to adjust.

Use web portals such as ‘affairscloud’ and ‘aspirantszone’ to practice after going through a particular topic. You will find enough practice problems over there to make you feel confident. The only issue will be that the solutions given will be far from optimal and at times, incorrect answers as well. But that’s true for most of the popular books as well. So, just look at them as good question banks. Try applying the things we taught you. If you find it tough, you can discuss the questions on our Facebook group.

Get a good test series. Take free tests from everywhere first, and then buy one or two based on your requirements.

The ideal sequence of your preparation should be –

Learning concepts> Practicing problems > Taking sectional tests> Taking full-length tests.

We don’t think so. If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be good.

No, attending these sessions (paid or free) alone won't do the job. You have to be ready to understand our way of teaching and move away from the conventional formula-based approach to the problem solving approach and work overtime i.e. 5-6 hours on your own for every 1 hour of our class. There’s no limit to how much you can study.

Moreover, it depends on your level of proficiency in the topic for the session. Hard work must be substituted with smart work wherein the focus is to get better results once the concepts have been internalised.

It depends on the nature of your doubt and class. If it’s a live session, you can post your query as a comment on the live chat. If it’s a pre-recorded session, you can post it as a comment on either YouTube or our Meritshine Facebook group. If you have enrolled for our paid program, then you may additionally be a part of other closed groups on Facebook where you can post your queries.

Technology and infrastructure

You need to have a good, stable internet connection to attend the classes. You can attend the classes on a desktop/laptop or a mobile device. There's not much difference in terms of user experience among the two modes and it depends on the preference of a user only. Also, if you do not have a great internet connection, you should access the courses on a mobile device. You can download the course videos there first before watching them. It can give you a seamless experience despite not having a great internet connection.

You will be able to download the classes on your mobile device for offline use through our Android app (Meritshine Prep) which will work in a similar manner as Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video do. You can download the videos but you will not be able to extract them out of the device. The good part about this feature is that you will not be required to go online every time you want to watch even a small section of a session again. It will also save your internet data, and will be particularly useful for those students who don't have a great internet connection.

No, the app required to run the videos isn't available for iOS yet. You will need either an Android phone or a computer.

Data and privacy

Yes, we barely ask for personal details that we store with us. Whatever little information you provide is safe with us. We may additionally reach out to you for your valuable feedback and seek to share the same (if needed) on our platform with your consent.

You can share only our free content available on YouTube for learning purposes only. The course has been nominally priced keeping in mind a single user, so, it is meant for your consumption only and not for sharing with others. If your peers are interested to access the course, please ask them to join the program.

If you intend to use it for your own commercial purposes, you will end up in troubled waters because we take plagiarism very seriously.

For more details, read our privacy policy and terms and conditions .


We've designed this FAQs section based on our experience and the queries we get from our students. While we have tried to address all expected queries exhaustively, if you feel the need, you can write to us at info@meritshine.com.