Never give up, learn to fight...

I don't know whether you are taking the banking exams this year too, I don't know whether you are giving up on banking exams and going for something else and I don't know whether you are going for an alternate career or business. You may choose any one of them and that would be alright. It doesn't matter. But you should never give up on yourself. Nothing- not any particular person, comments or your current failures define YOU. Your life is worth more than that.

"One fight doesn't define us but how we look forward to our next fight does".

These experiences definitely help us in becoming better but they never define us. What at the end of the day would make YOU is your belief in yourself and your willingness to fight.

Failure is tough, more so in India where people don't leave a chance of making fun of our failures. But we need to be introspective and honest in these times. If we are able to do so then failure becomes necessary for the success that is to come.

Today, it might be difficult for you to understand this post so leave it. Let it out. Cry if you have to. Feel bad about the fact that you missed it but don't blame yourself in an unwarranted manner. But do that only for today, from tomorrow start a new day. Go through this post objectively and it can help you.

Firstly, let me blurt out the truth - exams are very competitive in nature and missing it by a small margin is nothing to be ashamed of, rather it shows your preparation has not been in vain. It just hasn't been to the extent that it translated into final selection.

Secondly, think about what went wrong and how can you make it better. Unless you understand where you are missing and where you are hitting, you wouldn't be able to give your best shot. And the day you give your best shot – believe me it would be enough.

Sometimes, we stop working hard when we are very close to success. If your improvement is worth noticing then you have already come so far - don't leave it yet. But yes you need to improvise on what you are doing so that next time your mains score itself is reason enough to get you selected. Interviews become icing on the cake.

P.S.:- Someone commenting something doesn't make it true. Make your immediate family understand these data- they would. And for others - to hell with them. Concentrate on your life. Let opinion givers give opinion, next time they would eat their own words.